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The joe gardener Show - Organic Gardening - Vegetable Gardening - Expert Garden Advice From Joe Lamp'l

Dec 28, 2023

Whether you have a small space that you want to make more productive or you have a sprawling garden that you struggle to maintain, you’ll want to hear what this week’s guest has to say. Ben Hartman is a farmer and author who applies the super-efficient “lean” system to gardening and micro farming and teaches...

Dec 21, 2023

Gardeners who wish to grow fruit trees will have much better results if they learn the ropes before they ever purchase a tree and dig a planting hole. Early decisions such as what cultivars to grow and where to plant them are pivotal to a successful orchard. To share how to get started growing fruit trees and how to do...

Dec 14, 2023

As the year winds up, I like to pause and reflect on the valuable lessons that I learned over the past gardening season. These are my top gardening takeaways of 2023.

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Dec 7, 2023

Growing microgreens is easier than you think. Nutrient-dense microgreens can be raised at home for your family’s enjoyment, and it’s easy to scale up into a microgreens business, according to my guest this week, Jonah Krochmalnek, the owner and founder of Microgreens Consulting.

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